Library Rules & Regulations

The Library is primarily meant for bonafide students and faculty members of the college. The outsiders from other university/ institution may be allowed only with the written prior permission of the Librarian and a Principal for a limited period. They shall, however, have to consult the documents within the premises of the library.

  • Readers and visitors are requested not to bring their belongings in the library.
  • Users are requested to return the books/documents after reference.
  • No document issued brought to the library unless for returning.
  • Photocopying of resources shall be allowed for the documents available in Library.
  • Users are responsible for complying with copyright act while photocopying library documents.
  • Improper use of library facilities by a member will lead to the suspension/termination of his/ her membership.
  • Silence and strict discipline should be maintained in the library by all users.
  • Every one shall ensure that no reader should feel disturbed in their study by any act of his/her.
  • Smoking and use of mobile phones are strictly prohibited inside library premises.
  • Use of eatables in the Library is strictly prohibited. Utmost care shall be taken by all to keep the library clean.
  • The library rules and regulations shall be modified from time to time and shall be binding on all concerned